Wallet For your customers-
Now you can
1. Add money to Customers for offers, promotion etc.
2. Deduct Wallet balance of any customer.
3. Increase your conversion by giving Customers refund in their wallet, so that they can shop again from that amount.
4. Can see Wallet history of each customer.
5. Can see on Order info page which amount and how much amount has been paid by Wallet amount.

Customers can-
1. Pay order amount using their Wallet.
2. Pay the full amount of their Wallet and if remaining, rest amount can be paid by any payment method.
3. See their Wallet amount history from the account page.
4. Can see their Wallet Balance from account page.

On checkout if the total price is equal to or less then wallet amount and select wallet the price is deducted from customer wallet If total price is greater then wallet amount and select wallet website redirect to partial payment page on this the amount in the wallet is subtracted from total amount and balance amount payable by any payment gateway

The customer sees his/her credit and the debit amount by click on account ->Wallet History

On admin panel click on the wallet ->customer to add wallet amount.
See all customer debit as well as the credit amount

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Opencart Wallet System

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